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Our Staff at EAP

EAP Inc. is located at 3930 Virginia Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

Board of Directors

Bill Stacey
President / Owner
Direct Line 513-332-2090
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John Stacey
Chief Financial Officer / Owner
Direct Line 513-332-2080
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Annette Suttmiller
Office Manager
Direct Line 513-332-2078
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Stefanie Strebel
General Accounting
Direct Line 513-332-2073
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Kim Placke
Administrative Assistant
Direct Line 513-332-2071
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Sales and Marketing

Chris Schoonmaker
Director of Business Development
Direct Line 513-332-2096
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  Jason Hilton
Director of Technical
and Engineering Support

Direct Line 513-332-2094
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Mike Vanden Boom
Director of Owner /
Engineering Sales
Direct Line 513-332-2098
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Mike Bosken
Sales Representative,
Critical Controls
Direct Line 513-332-2097
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Joe Beal
Sales Representative
Direct Line 513-332-2077
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James Chandler
Sales Representative
Direct Line 513-332-2091
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Josh Wolfe
Sales Representative
Direct Line 513-332-2092
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Jason Brenner
Sales Representative
Direct Line 513-332-2093
Jason Schulte
Sales Representative
Direct Line 513-332-2095
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Matt Hunley
Inside Sales
Direct Line 513-332-2083
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Joe Haynes
Inside Sales
Direct Line 513-332-2084
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Kyle Dullaghan
Direct LIne 513-332-2086
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Jake Coffey
Direct Line 513-332-2088
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Kevin Kincaid
Direct Line 513-332-2088
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